Verticale Biondi Santi - English

Saying Biondi Santi is telling the history of Brunello di Montalcino.

And it is not said for the fame of the double surname now recognized all over the globe but because physically the family Biondi and then Santi are the ones behind a great wine for more than a century.

They start from having cultivated Brunello, compared to the most famous and widespread Moscardello (since some of 1800) to having selected the clone of Sangiovese "BBS11" (Brunello Biondi Santi n ° 11).

Before us 7 chalices of Brunello, 2 "Annata" and 5 "Riserva".

The first vintage is the 2009, difficul year for its climate, nose is still closed while in the mouth obviously we perceive a clear acidity, the tannins are silky and the finish has good persistence.

The second year is 2008: the nose this time is already "breezier" and shows us its hints: undergrowth, ripe fruit and even Kentucky tobacco.
In mouth it is an imposing wine, the tannin is velvety with a final still fresh, the result of which is a gratifying drink.

But let's go on to the "Reserves"

2007 amaze us immediately and we understand that this is a great wine. Complex nose (wild, floral trends with balsamic), dark spices and chinchona.On the palate we have the distinct feeling of a structured wine, very elegant, masterfully produced: a complex wine but easy to drink.

The fourth rim (2006) in spite of nearly 10 years, has a nose on  itw own,  but we can still recognize wild berries, soil, a nice spiciness and also a hint of citrus/orange.
Tannins a bit green, a lighter wine (compared to 2007) but always very enjoyable for the remarkable freshness.

The 2004 has an attractive nose, our favorite: toasted coffee, balsamic, undergrowth, humus and even mushrooms.
The taste is very balanced but with an acidity that makes us assume an almost infinite longevity, as persistence.

The penultimate glass is 2001: unlike other wines on the nose, this wine is very horizontal, putting on display the various scents (balsamic, tobacco, chocolate, floral, iron, coriander.
The intensity has a slower impact but as the seconds and minutes pass by, it increases constantly and favours the nose-palate aftertaste.

Finally, in 1997: The nose is captivating, in almost 20 years, we recognize the jam citrus, sweet spices and a "sweet" balsamic.
The palate is soft, almost a wine "chewy" and slightly less persistent.

A great wine, a big vertical.

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